I am writing this article as we await the national rollout of 5G.  The antennas have started to pop up on lampposts  in every village across the country to much fanfare as we are promised super fast data speeds.  This looks really promising as every home will be connected to the 5G network or as it has been called "the internet of things", where your smart appliances within your home can communicate with the network, There is even a rumor that thousands of satellites will be deployed to surround the earth to ensure that every inch of the earth will have 5G communication.  Sounds fantastic doesn't it?  Well I suppose it really depends on a number of factors.  As an example... are you a techno junkie who is constantly on their phone and in constant communication with your friends and family via all the social network apps etc? if so then I guess you will be foaming at the mouth as soon as 5G goes LIVE.


If however you are an open minded person then you have most likely heard about the so-called dangers of 5G.  As an open minded sceptic myself I decided to look into what some so-called experts are saying about 5G.  It didn't take me long to find a whole lot of information in relation to some known dangers of transmitting at such a high frequency, also known as Microwave frequencies... Hang on a second, MICROWAVE FREQUENCIES??? surely not... Microwaves are used for heating up food or to be more precise heating up water molucules in food... are we not 70+% water?  If so then what effect if any will 5G have on us?  Will it be high powered or low powered and what levels of exposure are safe? will it be transmitting 24 hours a day?  is there a possibility it could cause cancers?  WOW, so many questions and so many conflicting answers.  It seems those pushing 5G say we have nothing to worry about that everything is fine.  Those on the other side are saying 5G has the ability to be used as a weapon... WHAT? a weapon surely they are conspiracy theorists?  But hang on what if there is even a small bit of truth in this, should we not test the technology to ensure it is 100% safe?

There are some who say it will be tested, just as soon as it goes live... wait a minute that would mean that it is being tested on us? so we would in essence become the lab rats.  Surely not?  Then I happen across some information relating to a 5G test in the Netherlands and a coincidental massive death of a few hundred birds... ah no, surely this is BS?  I am not going to panic or jump to any conclusions on this so here is a link to said article if anybody wants to check it out and come to your own conclusion Birds dead as 5G tested.  

5g birds deadI am concerned now that 5G might be good for some and not so good for others.  I am asking everybody reading this to do some research and draw your own conclusions.  don't simply believe the spin from the companies with a vested interest in rolling out this technology.  Let's err on the side of caution.  If you are not 100% certain this is in our best interest then please contact your local politicians and Vodafone and voice your concern.  We owe it to our children.


For more thoughts and opinions from concerned Irish parents please check out the 5G Awareness facebook page



Steven McKenna

ccr project banner



Several members of the Clonmellon men's shed have shown an interest in developing a community radio station.

ccr projectThe station could be a simple community radio station initially used for broadcasting on the FM band and over the internet during events such as the potato festival.
We are putting out the feelers to see if there are any residents who may be interested in being part of a community station as either presenters, researchers, producers, editors etc.

Are you interested in being part of this community project and feel you have something to offer?

The station (Clonmellon Community Radio) is a working title only and is not set in stone.  It will cover Clonmellon, Delvin, Athboy and Kells and  will in time  adopt a more suitable name.

If the answer is "Yes", then please contact us.  If we get enough interest we will schedule a community meeting to discuss the matter further.

clonmellon action plan 2Clonmellon Community Action Plan 2018 - 2022
"A public meeting took place on 31st January 2018, chaired by Westmeath County Council and independent consultants Future Analytics. A draft Clonmellon Community Action Plan 2018-2022 has been drawn up by the consultants in conjunction with the members of the Stakeholders Committee (made up of members of our community) and includes many of the issues raised on the night by those in attendance.

All residents of Clonmellon should read the Action Plan draft and are encouraged to give feedback and make comments on it. You can read it in full here.  Alternatively, a copy can be requested by email from Paula Coonan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it."
download action plan 
Click Here to View the Plan


coderCoder Dungeon Clonmellon held a Fun Table Quiz on Saturday, February 10th in the Community Centre.  There was a good turn out despite the weather.

The quiz was interactive and fast paced with Karsten Bruck as Quizmaster.
The questions were suitable for all ages with a few tricky ones thrown in to get the brain cells working.

Karsten, Yolanda and John organised a superb evenings entertainment which saw a turn out of both young and (not so young).  With access to the quiz via laptops and tablets it brought the humble table quiz into the 21st centuary.

With snacks provided for everybody and tea and Coffee aswell as soft drinks available it was a pleasant evenings entertainment among friends and neighbours.

Bring on the next one!




Today saw a hunt in the village and as usual at least one vehicle parks on the footpath and blocks it for pedestrians.  As can be seen from the image below the offending vehicle and trailer is blocking the footpath although not completely, pedestrians are able to manouvre around the vehicle however a parent pushing a pram would need to move onto the unfinished surface to pass and wheelchair users would have no chance.

blocked footpath

On this particular stretch of road there is only one footpath so pedestrians cannot cross over the road.  It seems this is a regular occurance whenever there is a hunt on.  This behaviour should not be tolerated and pedestrians, parents and wheelchair users need to make their voice heard by contacting the gardai in delvin and reporting the offence.  This is a public footpath for use by pedestrians.



Christmas fayre 2017

On Friday, December 1st there was a Christmas fayre held in the market Square with everything from fake snow to homemade gifts aswell as tasty homemade food and beverages to warm the cockles of every heart.  With a mix of young and young at heart it was great to see so many people turn out to witness and be part of the switching on of the Christmas lights.. Santa arrived at 7pm and was a great hit with the children, he used the mens shed as his grotto which was literally transformed from a working mens shed to an amazing santas grotto complete with 2 elves and a magical fireplace.  Joan Daly did a great job as compere for the evening and she kept all the old favoutite Christmas songs playing to keep everybody in the festive mood.  Thanks also to everybody who volunteered with all the preparation that went into creating such a magical fayre.

If anybody has photographs they wish to share please email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Playground gets a minor facelift - August 2017  by S.G.

 The playground has recently undergone a minor transformation with new metal railings added to replace the old broken wooden ones. A new structure has also been erected to replace the old one which underwent fire damage in 2015, the new one has allready been taken over by the local teenagers and is currently being used as a smoking hut.  Some of the local lads have also made the playground into their own personal football ground and have even refused to stop playing football when approached by a local lady who had her two young children in the playground. Westmeath County Council are to be complimented on repairing the playground to a high standard, unfortunately they may find themselves returning many times as the playground has allready had the some of the newly fixed railings shaken loose from the concrete base.


Coder Dungeon Grand Opening - July 1st 2017  by Barbara-Ann McKenna

 Congratulations to the team on the launch of the Coder Dungeon at the Clonmellon Community centre today, it was a very quick and fun filled two hours.  The room has undergone a fantastic transformation from a dark store room to a wonderful enviroment for children to learn coding ETC. The winners of the logo design competiotion with a prize of a family pass to Tayto park were James McKenna and Cian Clarke both age 10 and both now members of the club. Refreshments were served and a raffle with lots of prizes. WE wish them every success for the future.
You can follow the Coder Dungeon on Facebook. Adult computer classes starting also.


Clonmellon Amenities

We want Clonmellon.com to have all the local information you need, if we have missed something please let us know.


Four Seasons Chinese take away for delicious Asian cuisine to take away.
Rei's Take Away in the village is the place to get quality Fish & Chips, Burgers, Pizza aswell as soft drinks and Milkshakes.


Heading out for the evening? why not pop into Mulvaneys Bar & Lounge, The Village Inn or Isaacs Well. You're always welcome. Private functions also catered for.


Fancy a Coffee and a chat? visit the Cafe at the market square. Tea, Coffee, Minerals, Homemade soup and sandwiches, soft drinks and lots more.
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