It's true what they say, If you have a problem seeing correctly you'd get glasses! But if we have problem with our Hearing we tend to ignore it. HearAll Hearing

At HearAll Hearing we strive to bring awareness of Hearing loss and of available treatments to our local community through talks with local groups such as the Men's Shed's and active retirement to name but a couple.  Perhaps one of the reasons that we tend to ignore Hearing loss in due in part to the gradual nature of the decline in hearing for most of us. Hearing loss in Ireland affects 1 in 6 adults and increases to 1 in 4 adults over the age of 55! Degenerative or age-related hearing loss can start from the age of around 40 onwards and happens at a snail's pace for most. Coupled with modern life's noise pollution and side affects of some modern medicines this hearing loss is starting to affect more and more people at even younger ages.

If you notice Hearing loss with family members or loved ones or indeed yourself then it is imperative to avail of a Hearing Test to see how serious the problem is and what if anything can or needs to be done to rectify the problem. Even if you are happy with your current level of Hearing, all adults should have a routine test at least every two years. Signs of Hearing loss can be difficulty to hear clearly in groups or places with some background noise. If you find yourself turning the T.V. or Radio up louder than usual or louder than others at home then this too is a warning sign that your hearing my be on the decline. Ringing or buzzing in your ears (known as tinnitus and a topic we could cover here by itself another time) is also another indication that your hearing levels may be starting to drop. Thankfully there are many remedys out there to help with hearing loss from over the counter ear drops or nasal sprays, ear wax removal and even small discreet Hearing Aids.

At HearAll Hearing with offices based in Market square Clonmellon and Green Street Pharmacy Castlepollard we are delighted to be able to conduct Free Hearing tests and offer advice on what course of action needs to be taken if a hearing loss is discovered. We can be contacted for appointments on either 046-9433720, or 0874505960



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