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Tidy Towns; Newsletter Spring 2019

Welcome to the Spring Edition of our Tidy Towns Newsletter.

Now that the winter is over we are now back to the hard work of getting ready for this year’s entry into the Tidy Towns Competition. We got through a lot of hard work last year as you could see from our previous newsletters. Going forward we will work that bit harder to achieving all our goals that we set ourselves, we know that with your support (and I don’t just mean Financial) we will get the work done. January and February 2019 were two months that the Co Council did a lot of work in our village. We would like to thank Patrick Keating in the Co Council for his quick response to our request that we submitted to him. February was a sad month for our committee as our Chairperson (Thomas Henry) responsible for re entering Clonmellon into this competition stepped down for medical reasons. We would like to thank Thomas for all the hard work that he put into the Tidy towns and we wish him well.

community garden spring 201

Community Garden
We are making good progress with our garden. We have to thank Kevin Smith for the great work that he did. The garden is a lot bigger now and we hope to have it fenced off very soon.

Co Council Work.bins etc

We would like to thank the Co Council for all the work that they carried out over the last couple of weeks. As you can see we got new bins, all the trees were cut, the old pump house on the Kell’s road was taken down and the entrance into this area was cleaned up. All the water leaks were fixed. All this work was down to cooperation between the council and the tidy towns committee, again we thank them for their quick response to our request and we hope this will continue as we progress with all projects that we take on.

Market Squaremarket square

We have to thank the committee for meeting with us to discuss the tidy towns report from last year’s entry; I have to say it was a very constructive meeting. We went through some of the issues raised by the adjudicator, we were very happy with the response from them and for their kind support for the work we are doing. Going forward they have agreed to address the issues raised and we look forward to seeing some improvements in the square.


New Flower Bedding, new Bins and new dog signs

new flower beds

 bin the poop

We now have some new bins along the main street and beside the playground, this was something that we looked for from the Co Council and what a difference they make to the area, we also got some new dog signs ( 3 ) in total, we still have a small problem with dog owners not cleaning up their dog poop. We contacted the department of the environment and they sent us out a Green Dog Walker Pack we hope that a lot of dog owners will participate in this project when we launch it soon.

dog walkers guide

 We are constantly making improvements to our village and with the continued support from all our sponsors and you in the community we will do all we can over the next couple of months to prepare our village for this year’s entry to the Tidy Towns Competition. As you walk around you can see where all the money we raised over the last couple of months will be spent. As you know it takes a lot on money to do the projects that we are working on for example, a new wheel chair accessible table for one of the green areas in the village, new bedding areas, our community garden, new seats, new hanging baskets, insurances, every day running cost, all this takes money and that is why we do a lot of fund raising and we know that without your generous support we would not be able to achieve this. So we hope that when we come knocking at your door that you will continue with your financial support. We do try to give you something for your money like the concert at Christmas, our tea party, our calendars at Christmas, all these fundraisers take time to organize as well as doing all the work in the village so if you would like to help just contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

On Behalf of the committee I would like to thank all of you for your support over the year.
John Wilson



Clonmellon Amenities

We want Clonmellon.com to have all the local information you need, if we have missed something please let us know.


Four Seasons Chinese take away for delicious Asian cuisine to take away.
Rei's Take Away in the village is the place to get quality Fish & Chips, Burgers, Pizza aswell as soft drinks and Milkshakes.


Heading out for the evening? why not pop into Isaacs Well. You're always welcome. Enjoy a quiet drink or an evening with friends. Private parties catered for, see our large function room and special offers. Follow us on facebook.


Fancy a Coffee and a chat? visit the Cafe at the market square. Tea, Coffee, Minerals, Homemade soup and sandwiches, soft drinks and lots more.
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